EECBITCOIN interview is Published.

Bernard Marcus
on EECBnology:
"It will change medicine, high-technology, consumer products, everything."

Source: CNN

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EECB in Medicine

This plan implies making investments in pharmaceutical venture companies producing equipment and medicines against hard-to-cure diseases. The funds are invested in the manufacturing of nanorobots used in treatment of cardiovascular diseases as well the manufacturing of medicines against epidemic diseases such as swine or goat flu.

The given investment plan is characterized by investment period of 72 hours. In this case investment portfolio is based on the assumption that venture projects will recover the cost of investment in less time and therefore result in high dividends due to a high demand for epidemic vaccines and medical equipment.

Characteristics of investment project EECB in Medicine:
Investment period: 72 hours
Guaranteed profit: 3000% after 72 hours
Minimum deposit: $300
Principal back: return at the end of term period

The Leading venture projects we invest money into include: Roxnano tech. Ltd., Vital Food Inc., 21抯 century vaccines, Nano life pharmaceutics.

EECB in Electronics

This investment project is designed to fulfill the potential of a dynamic industry in the field of manufacturing of microprocessors and circuit boards by means of investments. The analysts of this investment plan try to select the projects with a forecasted perspective of launching onto the market. It becomes possible thanks to the established companies like Intel, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sony which have production facilities and work under carefully thought-out plans that can be outperformed by venture projects we invest money into.

The main criteria for selecting venture projects is the sphere in which companies try to design nanodevices and nanomaterials for microprocessors in order to reduce the exposure to electromagnetic radiation produced by the platform with chips. Companies all around the world work in this field and even the slightest success of a venture project may result in a new generation of super effective microprocessors. EECBITCOIN analysts know this perfectly well and conduct an active policy by enabling Internet users to make investments in this field.

Characteristics of investment project EECB in Electronics:
Investment period: 48 hours
Guaranteed profit: 3000% after 48 hours
Minimum deposit: $10,000
Principal back: return at the end of term period

The leading venture projects we invest money into include: Citronics Rofmafin Inc., Maxwell microchips, Dakota electronic tools, Nanowaves Corp.

EECB in materials

This investment project is a future-oriented one and it enables investors to put their money into materials and 搒mart?polymers that will change our life completely in the nearest future. When selecting venture projects for this investment plan, EECBITCOIN analysts hold unofficial consultations with specialists of WalMart, the University of North Carolina and Michigan Technological University. When discussing the issue, they try to determine an investment perspective for production of nanomaterials and nanopolymers. These days the leading venture projects in the framework of this investment plan are those engaged in manufacturing ultra strong and ultra thin materials as well as materials and polymers with a memory effect, promising building materials like Nanocrete, for instance.

The structure process including scientific inventions and manufacturing of the end product is much longer in comparison with other investment plans, but ROI and investment perspectives of EECB plan are the highest among the plans we offer. The point is that unique nanomaterials provide the maximum margin and today抯 building, military and medical equipment companies are willing to pay a high price for nanomaterials of the future.

Characteristics of investment project EECB in Materials
Investment period: 12 hours
Guaranteed profit: 5000% after 12 hours
Minimum deposit: $40,000
Principal back: return at the end of term period

The leading venture projects we invest money into include: Memorystorm platforms Ltd., BASF Inc., Ultratech materials, Nanos production Ltd.